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Our mission is to raise PSA testing awareness and reduce prostate cancer deaths.

The PSA test has become controversial over the last few years. We believe all men should be aware of this non-invasive test and discuss the benefits and risks with their doctor.

We want to make the testing process as easy as possible. What better way to reach out than to offer free testing at charitable golf tournaments?

Ergo Golf is committed to directing 10% of it's proceeds to bring free PSA testing to golf events. We have assembled a team of qualified medical professionals and volunteers who are prepared to support our mission.

Golfers who attend Ergo Golf sponsored tournaments will be offered free testing by a licensed provider. Results will be kept 100% percent confidential and provided to the player or his physician.

The Ergo Golf multi-tool was born on the golf course.

The inventor of the Ergo Golf multi-tool, an avid golfer, ergonomist, and a survivor of prostate cancer, played golf to aid recovery during treatment. Walking a few miles on the soft grass was his way to maintain low-impact physical activity during the long road to recovery.

It was there, on the course, where the moment of insight came. While golf is not considered a high-impact sport, the highly repetitive bending, squatting, and crouching puts all golfers at risk of injury. The Ergo Golf multi-tool was created to reduce the golfer's risk of injury and minimize the negative impacts of the game by eliminating the majority of at-risk maneuvers required during gameplay.