Reduce Risk

Eliminate high risk maneuvers required during a round of golf.


The Swiss army knife for golfers.

Designed to eliminate the #1 cause of golf related injuries.


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the Ergo All-in-one multi-tool

The Swiss army knife for golfers.

Ergo All-in-one multi-tool
  • ball retrieving grip

    a suction cup at the top makes for easy ball retrieval

  • ball marker minder

    strategically placed magnets let you place and pick up your ball marker

  • multi-function club rest

    the foldable club rest keeps your clubs, brush, and accessories off the grass

    the hooks keep your tool securely on or in your golf bag

  • double duty divot tool

    the divot repair tool also keeps the tool upright for easier access to a club brush or towel


Golfers bend over a lot.

Set down a club. Fix a divot. Place a ball marker. Retrieve the ball. Reach for a towel. Pick up the flag. Where's your stogie?

A typical round may require the golfer to execute up to 125 ergonomically at-risk postures. Most of which are performed on the green prior to the most stressful swing! The drive.

It's simple.

We believe if you reduce stress on the back and knees you can preserve your energy, power, and focus for the tee box.

Hit farther and play longer.


Did you know most golf related injuries are attributed to overuse of the back and knees?

Considering golfers spend four to five hours in a bent-over stance, repeating the same motion hundreds of times, it's no wonder that playing golf can cause minor strains in the back that can easily lead to severe injuries. The Ergo Golf multi-tool eliminates the vast majority of high risk maneuvers typically required during a round of golf.

Take it with you as you play. Prop your extra club up on the fairway. Fix your divot after you land the green. Rest the flag within reach. 

No more wet and lost clubs. No more walking back to the cart for a towel or brush.


Even the best of the best are susceptible to injuries. Many professional golfers are having multiple surgeries on their knees and backs just to sustain their careers.

Consider the countless hours spent on the course practicing and perfecting their game. Over time that's adds up to tens of thousands of divots, ball markers, sunken putts, and club grabs.

Could using an Ergo Golf multi-tool extend a pro's career? We sure like to think so!

We think it's a competitive edge golfers are not yet taking advantage of.

Patent pending functions of the Mv10

Click the circles for feature details. (prototype images shown)

  • Smartphone Mount

    Sink that 10 foot putt and share it with your friends!

    Share your swing with your trainer or coach.

    Our universal smart phone mount makes it easy to capture your best moments on the course.

  • Club Rest

    Say goodbye to wet grips and lost clubs!

    Prop you clubs against the retractable rest. With your clubs upright they are within your reach and helps enusre you don't leave them behind.

  • Ball and Marker Retriever

    Save your back and knees!

    Our custom multi-funtion grip integrates a ball and marker pick-up. Also great for saving that ProV1 from the rough on the occasional errant shot.

  • USGA Compliant Bag Hook

    Bag hook secures your mutli-tool to your golf bag.

    Ready when you need it. Our hook design allows the tool to be stored either inside or outside most golf bags.

  • Divot Tool

    We all appreciate good golf etiquette!

    Our custom designed tool makes fixing divots so easy, you just might fix a few. It also holds the tool sturdy when you need to rest your clubs or hang your range finder

  • Towel and Accessories

    Forgot to clean out the groves on the last approach shot? Don't go back to cart, keep your club brush and towel by your side.

    Range finder to bulky to fit in your pocket? Hang it on the club rest while you nail that approach.

  • Can & Stogie Caddy

    Let me hold that for you.

    Keep your head in the game and your dink or stogie within arms reach.

  • Bottle Opener

    A new feature for the Mv10, the divot tool features a super-strong bottle opener.

Why do you need the Ergo Golf multi-tool?


The Mv10 eliminates the majority of at-risk maneuvers required during a round of golf. Reducing the risk of compounding injuries over time.


We believe if you reduce stress on the back and knees you can preserve your energy,  power, and focus. Hit farther and play longer.


We think it's a competitive edge golfers are not yet taking advantage of. How does eliminating a top cause of injuries change competitive golf?